Hailing from the mid-west to southeast, Six Stylez was brought together by sheer destiny. These young guns are the ultimate super-group, comprised of music school graduates and the area’s most sought after talents. Experience is no question for this group of young men, having members that have played professionally, toured extensively throughout the U.S. and performed almost every event scenario you can imagine.

Combining their virtuoso talents together, Six Stylez has set out to dazzle and amaze the audience in a way no other act can. Each musical arrangement is performed with great accuracy and attention to detail. You won’t know the difference between them and the original artist! Playing anything from the classic oldie’s to today’s hits and everything in between, there is not a song they can’t or won’t play. This band can do it all!

The group’s musical ability is amazing, but their show is much more than just music. With state of the art lighting and sound reinforcement, the entire show is choreographed to each song, creating an amazing atmosphere for their performance and your event. They also play with their own synchronized backing tracks that give them the capability to have a 10 piece horn section behind them, multiple keyboardists, dance beats, or even extra backup singers! You want The Beatles, an entire show of Journey, or songs from a Broadway Musical? You’ve got it!

Six Stylez also brings to bat a complete DJ system with a nearly unlimited repertoire to ensure that ANY song you want at your event gets played. DJ Stylez, with over 500 weddings / corporate events under his belt, is a professional DJ and Master of Ceremonies who is often flown cross-country to bring his fun, energetic show to thousands of fans across the US. He might even teach you a dance or two!

Featuring their talents and versatility, this band can wine and dine you with classic jazz standards for your listening enjoyment, or rock the house with your favorite party music! Anything from your favorite dance tunes of old and new, to the face melting rock of the 80’s!

So get ready to be amazed, (and be sure to bring your dancing shoes!) and prepare yourselves for SIX STYLEZ!!!